Why a Medical Network for your Arizona Personal Injury or Accident – The Team Approach.

Very often in the care and treatment of injuries sustained in a serious accident a well coordinated team of Doctors, Specialists, Facilities and Diagnostic offices is required.

The definition of a medical network is a group of facilities, Doctors, and specialists located in multiple locations in a specific geographical area. If you make an appointment with an independent doctor, besides not knowing whether they specialize in injury cases, the minute you are examined and a treatment plan is developed, you will be back on the phone contacting the prescribed specialists. On the other hand, Injury Specialists, LLC has at least 95% of the specialists needed to treat any injury, and not only that, doctors who have extensive experience in injury cases, both in treatment and documentation. For example, an Orthopedist is needed for a right knee injury. Upon examination, Doctor determines an MRI is needed to determine extent of musculo-ligamentous damage, and a neurological evaluation is prescribed due to extreme weakness and numbness of right leg. With an independent Doctor you would be right back where you started, trying to find an imaging facility and a neurologist who would not only wait for payment, be convenient for your schedule and location but also understand the nuances of an injury case and how to treat and document it. With Injury Specialists, LLC you would call your patient advocate, whose name and phone number you would have been given on your initial contact with the company, and within 24 hours you would have both your imaging and neurological appointment with Doctors who are experienced in injury care and who will wait for payment.

To put it simply, when you have been in an accident and are stressed and in pain, think of the acronym CEE. C is for convenience. What is more convenient than having an entire group of 180 specialists, doctors, and facilities at your disposal?

E is for ease. What is easier than having the name and number of your personal patient advocate for all scheduling needs?
E is for efficiency. What is more efficient than having your appointments scheduled within a 24 hour period once the patient advocate has the information needed? The appointment will take place in a reasonable time frame as well.

Not all Doctors are equal in injury cases. There are many great Doctors in Arizona, but many don’t take injury cases because they have to wait a long time to be paid, and they are not well versed in providing an insurance company and attorney the documentation needed to prove your injuries and symptoms are related to the accident in question. Injury Specialists, LLC on the other hand, have hand picked the Doctors who have demonstrated experience in accident cases and have shown a willingness to wait for payment.

Finally, should your accident be a serious one, and your injury requires surgery, a complete team needs to be put together. Should orthopedic surgery be needed, the orthopedist would require a surgery center or hospital to perform the case, an associate surgeon may be necessary in a serious case, an anesthesiologist is a necessity, and post surgical rehabilitation is a distinct possibility. Even if the Orthopedist is on board, one or more of the other entities may not wait for payment. Again, on the other hand, Injury Specialists, LLC’s 24 surgeons have all their facilities under agreement as well. Surgery may be scheduled in as little as one to two weeks with rehabilitation to follow soon after at the attending physicians orders.