Orthopedic Surgery on a lien for Arizona Personal Injury Patient

Injury Specialists, LLC has a network of over 150 specialists that are top notch, Board Certified and highly skilled and have many years experience in their chosen field. Equally important is the fact they all work on your personal injury lien and require no out of pocket payment as you go to your medical appointments.

Orthopedic Surgery is a surgical specialty focusing on fixing damage to the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. The conditions commonly treated by an Orthopedic surgeon after an accident are fractures, dislocations, ligament and tendon injuries, back issues, lacerations, rotator cuff tears and more. Trauma is a common problem. Not all injuries caused by trauma require surgery but it may be needed if the injuries cause some sort of loss of function in bones, soft tissue, or nerves. All open fractures need surgery and those with significant displacement or joint involvement. Our providers will also do casting, bracing, orthopedic surgery of the hand, spine, extremities, foot and ankle, shoulder, etc.

Another common trauma injury as a result of an accident are fractures, which is a broken bone. Fractures are a result of blunt force trauma, sharp force trauma, or any kind of stress on the bones. The severity and type of fracture differs depending on the force that caused the break. There can be compound fractures, transverse fractures, oblique fractures etc.

Some fractures may need only for the bones to be put back in place and immobilized so the bones can heal themselves. A surgical procedure called external fixation which places metal pins and screws around the break in the bone that connects to a metal bar which sits outside the skin.
The device is used to keep the bone fragments in place so that the break heals properly. Another common surgical procedure is internal fixation and open reduction. Metal pieces are paced in and around the bone inside the skin in order to keep it in place.

After Orthopedic surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will place a cast on the affected area in order to keep the bones and metal pieces in place. Usually, fractures take several weeks to heal properly and completely, but the pain subsides after the fracture becomes solid enough to continue normal activity. Recovery continues after the cast is removed also.

Here at Injury Specialists, LLC we have network of Arizona orthopedic surgeons that are highly skilled. They all accept personal injury cases with no out of pocket money from the patient. Payment to the Doctors is made when the case settles. Call 623-261-5419 to start your medical appointments. Dr. Lowy, a retired Doctor will take your call personally and help you through the tangled web of receiving your medical care and dealing with your attorneys as it relates to your medical care paperwork.

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