Timely Appointments

Arizona Personal Injury Doctors Timely Appointments

Here’s how the scheduling works following your Arizona personal injury or accident.  Upon contact from you or your attorney, your patient advocate will get your basic contact information.  If contact was made through the web you will receive a call the same day from your patient advocate introducing him or herself, giving you their cell phone number and asking additional questions such as:

  • Was there an ER visit?
  • Medical Imaging?
  • Symptoms?
  • Circumstances of the accident?
  • Other medial records pertaining to the accident?
  • Prior medical history having bearing on case?
  • Convenient days and hours for appointments?

With information in hand the patient advocate will set up the initial appointment with a Phoenix, AZ personal injury doctor and get that information to you  Following the doctor’s appointment your patient advocate will receive the doctor’s notes and plan and work with you to set additional appointments whether they be diagnostic or treatment with the focus on getting you well.  Upon conclusion of medical care, your Arizona personal injury attorney or insurance company will receive all of your medical records pertaining to the case and use them to settle the case.