Phoenix Arizona Personal Injury Doctor Network

Following your Arizona personal injury or accident, a network makes sense as you may need 5 referrals to recover.  Here’s how the network works.  You call Injury Specialist requiring an Orthopedic evaluation for severe pain in your shoulder. The Orthopedic surgeon suspects a rotator cuff tear and prescribes an MRI of the shoulder.  Injury Specialists will refer you to one of our neighborhood Imaging facilities.

You will carry a disc with the shoulder MRI on it back to your Orthopedist and your patient advocate will get the Orthopedists the radiology report.  Upon reading the MRI the Orthopedist determines the only resolution to the problem is arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery.  Your patient advocate coordinates with the Orthopedist’s surgical planner as well as our surgery center and anesthesiology group.  The case is placed on the Orthopedist’s surgery schedule.  Surgery is carried out.  Doctor and patient follow-up to make sure all is well.  Finally, the Orthopedist determines post surgical rehab is necessary for 6 weeks and that is scheduled by your patient advocate.

Follow-up appointment in 6 weeks allows Orthopedist to determine all is well.  Case closed.  Injury specialist’s billing department gets all Orthopedic, Imaging, Surgery Center, Anesthesiology, Physical Therapy notes and bills to your attorney or insurance company.  Finally, eventual settlement and resolution of the case and you have a resolved shoulder injury.

It’s pretty clear why you should use a reputable Phoenix Arizona personal injury advocate firm like Injury Specialists to help you navigate this process.