Cardiology Treatment on a Lien for Injured Patients in Arizona

Fortunately the heart is not easily injured. The heart is surrounded by many structures in the chest cavity. Blunt cardiac injury requires a major force in order to do any sort of real damage. Treatment can range from EKG monitoring to complex surgical repairs.

The majority of patients with blunt cardiac injury are without symptoms. Some symptoms could be chest pain, signs of shock including tension pneumothorax, neurogenic and hypovolemic shock. Doctors generally will have EKG’s done in order to determine how severe the damage to the cardiac area is before determining treatment options.

Because there are no tests to accurately determine the extent of such an injury, the American Association for the Surgery of trauma (AAST) has established a scale that measures the extent of organ injury. The grade scale goes from 1-6.

The types of treatment available for cardiac injures can be either non-invasive treatment or invasive. The non-invasive treatment is medication which can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and can be helpful with blood clots. More invasive procedures would be surgical intervention. If a patient is experiencing physical damage such as a contusion or rupture, heart surgery may be necessary. This procedure is severe and will require a lot of recovery time.

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