Neurosurgery Treatment for Arizona personal injury patients

As always, all the medical providers who work for Injury Specialists, LLC provide their specialty medical care with no out of pocket cost to the patient. All specialists work on a lien basis and will be paid when the case is settled.

A head injury is very common if you have been involved in an accident. The injury can be on any part of the head, including the scalp, skull or brain. The injury can be from a bump to concussions to internal bleeding.

At Injury Specialists we have available both Neurosurgeons and neurologists that work on a lien basis. There are different ways to treat injuries of the head and spine with the most serious injuries requiring neurosurgery.

There are many types of head injuries that vary in seriousness and therefore a compatible treatment program. Injuries such as concussions, skull fractures, intracranial hematoma s, etc. Concussions result from an injury to the cranial area that may cause loss of awareness and/or alertness for a short period of time following a head injury.

Skull fractures are breaks in the skull bone which could include linear skull fractures, depressed skull fractures, diastatic skull fractures and basilar skull fractures. Intracranial hematoma s are blood clots that can range from mild to life-threatening.

Treating head injuries varies by individual and situation. A rule of thumb when your Neurosurgeon examines you as to what your treatment should be is measuring the intracranial pressure present. Since head injuries can cause the brain to swell, it is important to determine the amount of swelling. This will directly determine what type of treatment you will need. If the pressure is low it may only be necessary to monitor the brain function for a short period of time. With a higher amount of pressure more drastic options would need to be considered to reduce the pressure and the swelling. Injury Specialists, LLC has many highly skilled physicians who work on a lien to provide this treatment to you.

If there is substantial brain swelling or bleeding surgery will most likely be what the Neurosurgeon will recommend. This procedure gives the Neurosurgeon immediate and direct access to your injury. Prior to surgery our Neurosurgeon would do the proper pretesting such as CT scans and other tests to determine the placement and size o the hemotoma. This allows the Doctor to locate and remove any lesions more easily.

This surgery is complicated. First the hair is shaved so an incision can be made into the scalp followed by cutting into the scalp, removing the bone and carefully cutting into the dura matter to get to the brain itself. There is usually a long recovery process involved. Injury Specialists also has the facility and anesthesiologist needed to perform these types of surgery. All our facilities, anesthesiologists and Doctors would on a lien basic. Knowing this will allow you the patient the piece of mind you will need to recover from your injuries.

In an accident there may also be injuries to the spine. This may include a soft tissue injury such as ligament or disc injury or even fractures. These injuries require significant workup with imaging.

Head and spine injuries can be very dangerous if left untreated for a long period of time. Calling 623-261-5419 will get you direct contact with Dr. Lowy who is well versed not only in the medical field but also in the personal injury field. He, along with your treating doctors will make sure your medical care moves along smoothly and you will soon be back to your pre-accident condition.

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