Dentistry Treatment for Arizona Accident Patients

There may be many types of injuries to your teeth during an accident.  The most common is a chipped tooth.  It is important that the patient sees a dentist to make sure the injury has not caused internal damage that cannot be easily seen.  Injury Specialists LLC has it covered for you.  Call Dr. Lowy  at any time on his direct line at 623-261-5419.  Dr. Lowy will make sure you see a qualified, highly skilled dentist asap.

The treatment for a chipped tooth varies depending on the injury.  For a chipped or fractured tooth, treatment involves placing the broken piece of tooth back onto the crown from which it originated.  If the broken pice cannot be found or is significantly large, a cap may be placed on the tooth instead.  A cap is an artificial crown that is placed over the rest of the existing tooth.  A cap can only be a solution if the root of the tooth is not exposed.  In the event the root is exposed a root canal may be necessary in order to ensure the root is not damaged in any way following the injury.  A full crown replacement may also be needed in order to cover the exiting root following a root canal procedure.  It may also be a possibility the tooth would have to be extracted.  Our dentist is adept at reconstructing and implanting new teeth should that be your last option.  Our Dentist has the latest procedures and technological equipment available to get your smile back.

A tooth injury may also result in a root fracture.  This means the root has a horizontal fracture line in it.  The treatment of this fracture depends on the location of it. When it is closer to the root tip, the success rate is higher but if closer to the gum line, the chances are much lower.

Should you be in an accident that results in the need for a dentist who can treat your dental needs on a lien call Dr. Lowy today!

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