Physical Therapy on a lien for all Arizona personal injury patients

After an accident you will probably need to make an appointment with a Physical Therapist in your area. Injury Specialists, LLC has many PT locations throughout the state of Arizona that accept personal injury lien cases.

If you are having pain performing your day to day tasks after an auto accident, if you find it painful to move, climb stairs or walking a PT might be the remedy you need. A person administering the physical therapy is called a physical therapist. After examination and questions about the symptoms, they will devise a treatment plan suited to you. The goal of this treatment is to reduce pain and swelling using hot and cold compress, ultrasound and electrical stimulation, all of which is similar to the treatment of a chiropractor. The therapist will also provide an exercise program for you. This may include walking, weight-lifting to increase muscle strength and stretching exercises.

Physical therapy can be beneficial for knee pain, lower back pain, hip pain and ankle pain. PT for lower back pain involves the use of ice to reduce inflammation, posture training and strengthening exercises. Treatment for knee pain may include strengthening exercises and motion restoration techniques.

Injury Specialists, LLC has many PT locations in the state of Arizona. Our physical therapists are all highly skilled and accept personal injury lien cases with no out of pocket from the patient. Call Dr. Lowy directly at 623-261-5419 any time.

Injury Specialists, LLC has the largest medical network in the state of Arizona with over 150 specialists including Physical Therapy, Surgery Centers, Orthopedic Surgeons, Pain Management, Chiropractors, Dentist, Plastic Surgeons, just to name a few. Injury Specialists can arrange everything so all you have to do is get well.

Need Physical Therapy for an Arizona Personal Injury?

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