Personal Injury Case Management

Case Management for your personal injury treatment on a lien

Dr. Lowy started Injury Specialists, LLC in October 2015 offering medical treatment on a lien for all accident cases in the state of Arizona.  Injury Specialists has grown to approximately 300 facilities and specialists which is the largest network in Arizona and provides medical treatment in the areas of:

We realized the need for someone to become a patient’s advocate as they begin the journey down the medical treatment path.  Aside from the physical and mental needs as a result of an accident, the patient has to deal with the day to day tasks, time away from work, money issues and possibly car repairs or replacement.

Here at Injury Specialists LLC we are equipped to help with physical medical treatment, psychological treatment, pre-settlement loans and management of your case for your attorney or your insurance company.  Injury Specialists, LLC does  not charge a fee for our services.  It is a service to not only help the patients of an accident but also the attorney.   At Injury Specialists, LLC Dr. Lowy has been in the medical field for over 39 years and is adept at medical needs, understanding and following the treating Doctor’s medical plan and communicating the process directly to the patient.  Dr. Lowy is available any time of day or night at 623-261-5419.    Appointments are made within 24-48 hours.

The staff at Injury Specialists, LLC has a 6 year track record in working with Arizona personal injury patients, insurance companies and personal injury attorneys.  Our medical providers are aware of the importance of properly documenting the  reports with accuracy and clarity so the attorney is able to submit detailed information to the insurance company on your behalf.  If your injury is not documented correctly an attorney cannot prove you were injured in the accident.  This means as a victim, you will probably not receive a proper settlement.  Should the patient need quality legal representation, Injury Specialists, LLC having first hand knowledge of very competent, highly skilled, personable attorneys will be able to make recommendations to you.  Good medical documentation and good legal representation is critical o the outcome of your case