Pain Management Treatment for Personal Injury Patient in Arizona

As with all the medical providers in the network of Injury Specialists, LLC pain management treatment is done a lien basis. After an accident, patients may experience intense amounts of pain specific to their injuries. Often time psychological effects from the trauma of the accident heightens the pain. The personal injury pain management doctors in Arizona use many different techniques including pharacological and non-pharmacological methods to help patients manage their pain. In order to determine the correct amount of pharmacological method to manage pain it must be determined if the pain is acute or chronic. Acute pain is pain that lasts less than 6 weeks, subacute pain is 6-12 weeks and chronic pain lasts longer than twelve weeks. In most cases of injury the pain is acute.

Injury Specialists, LLC has many different locations around the city of Phoenix making it convenient for the injured patient to seek pain management treatment on a lien.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management

Generally speaking physicians tend to use pharmacological treatments while patiens remain in the hospital. Following your hospital stay it is possible to treat pain using mon-drug techniques. These techniques should not be attempted right away, especially if there is an incision site. These methods are effective ways to relieve pain.

Interventional pain management procedures such as epidural injections, facet blocks, medial branch blocks, trigger pint injections, joint injections and occipital blocks can help a lot after an accident. In the facilities used by Injury Specials, LLC the Doctors that perform these injections are anesthesiologists who are highly skilled in the personal injury world. Patients can expect relief from pain without surgery over 85% of the time.

Another highly effective method of pain relief is massage. This relieves tension in the muscles and joint areas of the body. Massages can also lessen anxiety or depression.

Homeopathic remedies such as acupuncture can be helpful in pain management. This method uses thin needles to influence the flow of energy in and around a patient’s body. These needles are placed in certain key locations on the body that are said to have the most effect of re-balancing the energy flow within your body.

Injury Specialists, LLC physicians will help you determine which pain management solution is best for you and as always will require no out of pocket monies from you. You can reach Dr. Lowy directly at 623-261-5419.

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