Phoenix Arizona Accident Doctor Appointment Convenience

Following an accident in Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding communities, at a time when you are probably in pain, dazed and wondering what to do next, it is not the time to research on a hit or miss basis, which attorney and most importantly which medial specialists are not only right for your medical needs but are willing to wait for payment until your case settles and with no out of pocket upfront cost to you.

Contacting Injury Specialists resolves those problems.  We can refer you to a competent Arizona personal injury attorney or if you already have one begin the medical diagnostic and treatment process.  Since we have most types of specialists necessary to treat serious accident cases the referrals will be rapid and remain in network so that we can keep track of your recovery and get the medical records to  your attorney in the most timely manner possible.

If you were in a Phoenix, AZ car accident, work injury or experienced a personal injury, you will have a medical advocate assigned to your case, you will have their cell phone number, and you may call at any time with questions or appointment needs.  The advocate’s main purpose is to help you through the recovery process.  When contacting Injury Specialists expect a call back within 24 hours.  And expect to get word on your initial appointment within 24-36 hours.

More often than not your appointment is within the first week of contact.  This even holds true for Scottsdale Arizona personal injury doctors such as Orthopedics, Neurosurgical and Ophthalmological  consults, if you can believe that!  In short Injury Specialist has the experience to take care of your post-accident needs, letting you concentrate on recovering from your accident.