About Us

Connect With Arizona Doctors Familiar With Personal Injury Cases

Injury Specialists is a medical case management firm owned and operated by Dr. Lowy. Injury Specialists connects your directly to top notch Arizona Auto Accident Doctors who will treat your medical needs under your personal injury lien. We have medical specialists around the state of Arizona.

After being in an auto or motorcycle accident you may have multiple injuries to deal with.  You may have broken bones, loose teeth, vision problems, headaches or need to be treated for stress disorders.  All the medical care you may need is available at Injury Specialists, LLC.

Injury Specialists, LLC will not only set up all your medical appointments but will also take care of collecting your reports and medical bills from the treating medical provider, prepare the billing and submit all the paperwork to your attorney and/or insurance company.  There is no out of pocket expense to see any of the medical providers offered by Injury Specialist, LLC.


All board certified neurosurgeons in our network treat all types of brain and spine injuries that may result from any accident.  Concussions are very common. Learn More

Pain Management

Arthritis exacerations, herniated disc, headaches, muscle spasms, soft tissue injuries can all be taken care of by the medical specialists in our network. Learn More

Orthopedic Surgery

If surgery is necessary the medical professionals at Injury Specialists and address any issue with fractures, cartilage defects, ligament and tendon injuries as a result of your accident. Learn More


Auto accidents may cause or exacerbate a cardiac condition.  We have one of the best cardiologists available in the Phoenix Metro area. Learn More


Our Chiropractors are experts in managing nusculoskeletal injuries by way of manipulations, spinal decompression therapy, electrical stim and more.


Our dentist is highly qualified and adept at restorative procedures, cracks or chips caused by your accident. Learn More


Eye injuries can occur as a result of the airbag deployment and any injury should be checked out by an expert in that field. Learn More


You may need a CT scan, ultrasound, MRI or x-rays.  All these tests are available at Injury Specialists, LLC imaging facilities. Learn More

Physical Therapy

Receiving PT for your injuries is a must for the restoration to a pre-injury status for range of motion, strength and pain relief. Learn More

Plastic Surgery

Should you need plastic surgery, Injury Specialists, LLC is the place to go for expert care with no out of pocket expense.  We can treat burn scars, lacerations, wound coverage and complicated facial injuries. Learn More

Primary care

Often time the first medical professional necessary is the Primary care office to have a full evaluation of all your symptoms that need to be treated as a result of your accident.  You will be taken care of at our PCP clinic.


An auto accident may have an adverse effect on you as it relates to anxiety, depression or fear of driving.  Let us help you overcome any issue you may experience. Learn More

Spine Surgery

Back and neck pain is very common after an accident.  In the event conservative treatment is not working a consultation and possible surgery with a spine surgeon may be your best solution.  Injury Specialists is well equipped to get your surgery set up in as little as one week.  This includes the surgeon, anesthesiologist and the surgery facility.  Let us handle this for you as you focus on getting better.

Case Management

Injury specialists, LLC not only will handle all your medical appointment and carry out your Doctor’s recommendations but we will also gather all the paperwork your attorney will be needing for the insurance companies to settle your case.