Arizona Ophthalmology Treatment for Personal Injury Available on Lien

Eye injuries occur in a variety of ways during an accident. Treatment should be immediate so as to not jeopardize your eye sight or the loss of your eye. The Ophthalmologist will identify the condition and its severity accurately. The Doctor will need to know how the eye was injured and whether or not any treatment has already been administered to the patient immediately following the accident, on location or at the emergency room.

The Ophthalmologist will want to know if a foreign object entered the eye area, such as glass from the windshield or if there was blunt trauma. If the trauma was caused by an impact the Doctor may prescribe antibiotics along with pain killers. If the eye injury was caused by a foreign body such as glass the damage is usually less than in the case of something like pepper spray.

Should there be corneal injuries the Ophthalmologist may use a local anesthetic during the examination. Perforation Eye injuries often require stitches as treatment. A Plastic Surgeon services may also be necessary as part of the treatment plan should the eyelid, etc be involved.

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