What to do After a Personal Injury in Arizona

Every personal injury is unique, but there is general information you should know. The person suing is known as the plaintiff and the person being sued is known as the defendant. At the beginning of a personal injury, even before the defendant’s liability is certain and the extent of damages is known, the case will not make it past the summary judgement stage without proof of the plaintiff’s injury. In Arizona, the only entity which may provide this proof as well as provide relief from your symptoms related to the injury is a Doctor.

Finding a Personal Injury Doctor in Phoenix, Arizona

It is therefore wise to involve an Arizona Doctor who is familiar with treating and very importantly documenting an injury case as soon after the accident as possible. Very often the first Doctor will be seen on the date of the accident at the emergency room or urgent care facility. This is where the documentation process begins. It usually doesn’t end there nor does therapeutic care begin until you are released from emergency care and then find facilities, specialists and therapists that are capable of documenting and treating the injuries.

Most personal injury plaintiffs will eventually seek out an Arizona personal injury attorney who will usually consult with the plaintiff for free. If after the initial consultation, it appears the plaintiff might have a case the attorney will investigate applicable insurance and liability issues. If the case is viable the attorney and plaintiff will enter into a fee agreement. A plaintiff may also choose to not hire an attorney. This may not be a wise decision because of the complexity of potential litigation and the fact that the defendant’s insurance company will certainly have an attorney.

Should I hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Considering most plaintiff attorneys get paid only if the case is successful, hiring an Arizona personal injury attorney in is a wise move. The plaintiff’s attorney will then file a personal injury complaint and have a month or more to find the defendants and serve the complaint. The defendant must inform his insurance company at least for the time he or she knows about the lawsuit. In the pre-trail process information is exchanged in a phase called discovery. Both sides may agree to mediation or arbitration. If not a trial date may be set, deposition of witnesses may begin and mandatory settlement conference will ramp up. Finally, a trial may be the last resort due to unsuccessful settlement attempts.

The good news is most cases settle well before trial and the case ends there. It is likely that discovery goes on for a while as the plaintiff’s attorney and the defendant’s insurance company or attorney exchange information.

In summary the two most important components in the plaintiff’s decision making process are choosing a doctor or doctors who may best treat and document the injuries and secondarily choosing a competent attorney who may best represent the plaintiff’s interests in the previously described litigation process. It is critical that you get help finding the best personal injury doctors in Phoenix, Arizona to help through this difficult time.

To find an experienced personal injury doctors and an outstanding personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona please contact Dr. Jeffrey Lowy at 623-261-5419. The quality and experience of the doctors and attorneys the plaintiff chooses is key to getting well and resolving the case successfully.