Choosing a Personal Injury Doctor in Arizona

While all Arizona Doctors have an excellent medical education there is a total divergence in experience among doctors regarding accident and injury care once in practice.

Many doctors and their staffs simply choose not to wait for payment. Under normal circumstances, state and federal insurance as well as company or private insurance policies pay the doctor in 30 – 90 days. In a third party injury insurance case a patient may be under care for three to six months or longer and then the patient or attorney will spend an additional period of time negotiating an out of court or court settlement with the insurance company which takes the doctor’s payment that much further out. The rule is that this is not acceptable to most doctors and their staffs. We have talked to many patients who have called doctors after an accident and have found this to be true and ended up frustrated after many calls that end without an appointment. This is especially true in certain specialities whose patients primary pay on a cash basis. These specialties include but are not limited to Plastic Surgeons, Psychologists and Dentists. There are a surprisingly large number of these types of cases in personal injury. Why not go with a group that has already vetted and evaluated the Plastic Surgeons, Psychologists and Dentists who are adept at trauma and accident cases and who are willing to wait for payment as well as the more common specialists in accident cases such as Orthopedists, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors.
Injury Specialists, LLC has already done the groundwork and employ doctors who are competent in trauma and are ready to go.

A word about documentation. The first job for a specialist in an accident case is to perform a physical examination and gather pertinent diagnostic and prior medical records. The purpose for this is to determine which signs and symptoms are pre-existing and which signs and symptoms are related to the accident in question. Moving forward the Doctor will create a treatment plan which will alleviate the signs and symptoms related to the accident in question. It takes an experienced Doctor in trauma and accidents to make this distinction and it takes a company such as Injury Specialists, LLC to carry out the Doctors treatment plan to get the patient rehabilitated in the most expeditious and cost effective manner possible.